The Seasons of Sewing

The Seasons of Sewing Subscription

If you love to sew and all the little tips, tricks and tools that make up a sewing basket then you are going to love our Seasons of Sewing Subscription offer. Lovingly put together these seasonal boxes give us the chance to share with you all the things we love about sewing and living in a city with four distinct seasons. We will share our favourite colours, textures, products, tips and little bit of ourselves too.

Meet our Seasonal Curators

Miss Autumn – Therese is the store manager and extraordinaire when it comes to all things machine sewing. She has passion for creating and heart for teaching. She loves the changing colours in Autumn and the transition from the very hot to the very cold we experience here in Canberra. In her boxes you will find the colours of Autumn, and the inspiration to enjoy the beautiful clear and crisp days that Autumn brings.

Miss Winter – Toni is an all-rounder and you’ll often see her with her crochet hook or her knitting needles not too far away. She has a talent for colour and texture and when she sews she is guided by these talents and creates beautiful fabric combinations. In her boxes you will feel her warmth and be comforted on those cold and frosty days.

Miss Spring – Kerri is our pattern maker and her design skills and never cease to amaze us! She can turn anything into something spectacular. In her box you will feel the regeneration of spring as she brings her unique designs and flair to the table.

Miss Summer – Clare is the owner and inspiration behind the stitching room. Driven to bring you something gorgeous in all its forms – from our store presentation to our online presence you can be assured she’ll fill your summer boxes with rays of sunshine.



What does your Subscription Include:

In addition to receiving a hand curated box from each of us at the beginning of each season (ie: four per year), your subscription also includes:

  • Access to a private facebook page where you can, chat and meet other subscribers, share tips and tricks with each other, ask questions and get help on your projects, celebrate your wins and brag about your creations!

  • Special bonuses and offers for subscription holders

  • Private in-store events for subscription holders only.

  • Cancellation at anytime – no questions asked, no hard feelings


 How does it work?

The subscription program is on-going and you can join and cancel anytime prior to your next payment being received. On the first month of each season (March, June, September, December) you will be charged $35.00 (or $45.00 for those who need postage) and your subscription box will be made available to you to collect, or posted out to you. 

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