The Crochet Club

The Crochet Club is a 12 month subscription in which you will receive everything you need to make a beautiful crochet keepsake afghan.

This afghan will be made from soft, super fine merino wool, and we have lovingly created eight unique square crochet patterns for you to use.

We have taken the hassle out, so you can simply focus on learning the new patterns and stitching your way to a state of bliss in a supportive and fun environment. All you will need to do is choose your colour way, enjoy stitching and we will do the rest. 

There will be two colour options to choose from:



So, how does it work?

Month 1: You will receive your starter kit which will include:

  • Two balls of 100gsm super fine, pre-wound merino wool
  • One tulip crochet hook
  • Stitch Markers
  • One pattern, with a PDF guide and video tutorial
  • Access to a closed Facebook group dedicated to this project.

Month 2: You will receive:

  • Two balls of 100gsm super fine, pre-wound merino wool
  • Two patterns with a PDF guide and video tutorial

Month 3: You will receive:

  • Two skeines of 100gsm super fine merino wool
  • One notsteppine (portable wool winder)
  • Two patterns with a PDF guide and video tutorial

After that it is perfectly placed and from Month 4-11 you will receive:

  • Two balls of super fine 100gsm, pre-would merino wool
  • One pattern with a PDF guide and video tutorial

In the last month you will receive instructions to stitch the squares together, completing the blanket.

You will also receive:

Super Charged Support

We will be with you every step of the way. The private Facebook group will allow you access to a community of like-minded crocheters who will be able to answer your questions and provide helpful tips. We will also be checking your progress and doing live demonstrations too.

Blissful Learning

Not only will you get to build your skills and learn how to adapt your crochet to create your own patterns and textures, but you will also increase your mindfulness. It's an inherent bonus that comes from this creative outlet.

Our Promise to You

We want you to be 100% happy, and so if you find the subscription just isn't for you then you can cancel at anytime. No questions, no hassles, no drama. 

Our Gift to You

To say thanks for joining our Crochet Club we want to offer a couple of bonuses for a limited time only:

  • A yarn bag made by us. This bag has been designed for you to stay mobile and take your crochet anywhere you go. 
  • The chance to join us at one of our Stitch and Support classes anytime over the 12 month subscription for free.

We only have 40 places available for this subscription so be quick! 

Don't forget to purchase your starter kit before you choose either Monochrome or Gemstone and subscribe today.