Knitting for Need

In uncertain times like these, we have to be innovative and creative! At the heart of our business is our community and so we have been thinking about ways in which we can serve you - as we know stitching is a lifeline for so many of us. In addition, we have been making business decisions to keep our business viable and staff employed. At the back of our mind, however, is also those who are directly affected by the corona virus pandemic. Those who have lost their jobs, who’s businesses are also on the line and of course those most vulnerable in our community, particularly as we head into winter.

So we have come up with our Knitting for Need project. In this project we get to:

  • serve you by giving you the opportunity to knit something for charity, learn new skills and make new friends along the way.
  • move the last of some of our knitting wool to free up some space to bring in a new range for the upcoming winter season.
  • Come together as community like we did for the bushfire victims and make something special for someone else and brighten their day via a community facebook group 

The Knitting for Need project gives you four options to choose from. These options all include postage and access to a private facebook group where we can all help each other along as well as share and celebrate our successes.

The options are:

  1. Socks for Samaritans House – using our Katia Degrade cake of sock yarn
  2. Cowls for Kids - using a single skein of Kaalund yarn
  3. Beanies for Doris House - using a single ball of polar fleece wool 
  4. Lace Shawls for Nursing Homes - using a single ball of superfine merino wool, cashmere and silk.

For all options we will provide you with the pattern (except the socks - you get to use your favourite one) and the yarn in a surprise colour!

You can purchase them here.

Socks for Samaritans House.

Samaritan House is a 13 bed, crisis accommodation program for men aged between 18 and 65 years. The program operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is located in the north of Canberra.  Samaritan House has provided support and accommodation to single men in the Canberra region since 1995 and is the only provider of crisis accommodation for single men in the ACT.  

This option is for those of you who have previous experience in knitting. This project uses 1 x 150 gram ball of Katia Degrade Cake sock wool. Use your favourite sock pattern.

We will be active in the facebook group to give you a hand.

Cowls for Kids

It's hards to know that not all kids grow up in the comfort and love of their family home. Marymead and Bernados provide accomodation and assistance to young people who find themselves unable to live with their families. 

This is a great project for those of you who love (or want to try) knitting with large needles or prefer crochet (you will use 9mm crochet hook). This project uses 1 skein of Kaalund yarn. This yarn is 100% Australian wool, 100 grams, varying length per skein. It is hand spun and hand dyed in Queensland. You will make a colourful neck cowl sure to brighten up a child's day!

The patterns for this project have been developed by Toni (our very own Wooley Creative) and we will be active on the facebook page to give you a hand.

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Beanies for Doris Womens Refuge

Doris Womens Refuge provides 24-hour supported accommodation, advocacy, referrals to women and children in crisis, surviving homelessness and domestic/family violence.

This is the perfect project for the beginner knitter or those who love to knit with different textures. This super soft Katia polar fleece is 100gms and 60 metres long. The gorgeous texture of this will ensure the wearer feels warm and cozy on those frosty Canberra mornings!

We will provide you with the pattern and will be active on the facebook page to give you a hand.

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Shawls for Nursing Homes

Our older folk are the most vulnerable at this time. Many have been isolated due to underlying health issues and haven't had faced to face contact with their loved ones for some time. 

Learn this amazing knitted lace technique as a beginner lace knitter. Using a single ball of superfine merino wool, cashmere and silk it’s 25gm and 275 metres long.  This simple shawl is light as a feather and will put a smile on an elderly persons face. 

We will provide you with the pattern and a basic training video and will be active on the facebook page to give you a hand as well. 

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