About Us

We are a brick and mortar stitching store, stocking boutique ranges of fabric, yarn and accessories. We have created custom designed sewing and knitting class spaces, giving you a beautiful and friendly environment to learn in. We have online learning options coming soon.

Meet the Team:

At The Stitching Room we have a small team of women with a diverse range of skills and experience, covering all things that involve stitching. 

Clare - 

Hi, I'm Clare and I am The Stitching Room founder. I'm a palliative care nurse by day and a stitcher by night. I love my day job and it's extremely rewarding. It's also stressful, so sewing and knitting, for me, is a way to unwind. I love being able to create something from nothing, and feel the textures of wool between my fingers as I knit and crochet. You'll see me in the store on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I'm also here on Wednesday nights, learning to sew with Kerry.

Therese -

Hi, my name is Therese, and I am The Stitching Room manager. I started sewing beside my mum when I was around four years old. Sewing and crafting have always been my passion, and I am very lucky to have it as my job. I've worked in the industry since I was 16 years old, so I have many years experience in sewing, retail, teaching and machine knowledge. I love what I do and look forward to helping you. I'm in the store most days, and you'll always find me here on a Tuesday night running the evening Sew and Support Classes. “ A mistake is an opportunity for a design feature”.

Toni -

Hi there, my name is Toni, and I am a long time lover of colour and fibre. My colour journey began early as a child playing with coloured yarn and threads while my Grandmother was knitting, crocheting or sewing. When I was four years old, she commenced teaching me how to knit, then crochet at six years old, and somewhere in the middle I began to sew. During my school years the only classes I did well in were ones that involved colour, fibre, design and food (of course). As a qualified trainer and assessor, I am keen to pass on what I have learned through my years of working with fibre. I love to inspire people to slow down and appreciate the process of handmade items; providing a beautiful relaxing space to teach and learn in. Looking forward too much happy creativity. You'll find me here at the Knit & Support classes.

Kerry - 

I started sewing and craft at a young age. I made craft items to sell at the school fete, and most pattern ideas I copied from the things I saw around me. I went to university, but I changed my mind and decided to try pattern-making. I enjoy the challenge. Working in the fashion industry gave me a lot of knowledge about fabrics, garment construction and sizing. I really enjoy sewing and making clothes for myself and my family. I'm here at varying times throughout the week, but you'll always find me at the Wednesday evening Sew & Support class.