The Need to Stitch

What a crazy year this has been with bushfires, hail and now the corona virus. More than I ever I find I am seeking sanctuary in my stitching. It's a time where I get to retreat from the craziness around me and get lost for a little while before it all starts again. As many of you are now aware we have had to reduce our retail hours and I suspect it won't be long until we can't offer in-store classes either. Please be assured that we are working hard to make sure that we all get through this intact even if that means doing thinks differently and thinking about things in new and innovative ways. 

Two of the big things we have underway are: 

  • The Knitting for Need Project: where we invite you to join our knit along and make something special for someone less fortunate as we come into winter. Grab the details via the link above; and
  • Online Learning Survey: we have the technology set up and we have some questions for you if you could please spare a couple of minutes and complete our survey so we can test whether what we have in mind would work for you. 

Most importantly though, please stay well. These are stressful times. This is the time we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our families. As  mothers, wives and friends we are the shoulder to cry on, the person to lean on and the ear at the end of the phone. 

We will keep stitching with you every step along the way. We know how importantly stitching is in keeping us well and keeping us connected.