Hi everyone,

I’m heading home from a short break in New Zealand with my husband as you read this. It really is a beautiful country and I love coming back time and time again. I’m recharged and ready to tackle the year ahead. We have some big plans and much to do in The Stitching Room and we’re really excited to share these with you as they come into fruition over the coming months.

Although I was away, I was so pleased to hear about the rain and did my own happy dance over here. While we all love “a sunburnt country” there is also something very nice about a green one too! I know my very small garden will be much happier now that its rained. With Autumn coming I love to sit amongst the autumn colours in the cooler weather and stitch. There is something very serene about being outside with the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the air as the seasons transition from very hot to very cold.

One of the things we all love about living in Canberra is the four seasons and the distinct change they all bring. It means we are constantly reminded of the rhythms of mother nature and the passing of time. We want to celebrate this and so have developed a new subscription offer for you. This one is called the Seasons of Sewing. Each one of us will bring you a surprise sewing box to welcome the change of seasons. The first one will come from Therese – Miss Autumn! Keep your eye out on our social media or email (subscribe if you haven’t already) to hear more over the coming weeks.

And, happy Valentines day to you all! I hope you get to spend some time with those you love on the day of love xx

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