Can you believe it is already November? Last week I was reminded of the passing of time after my daughter moved from Canberra to Melbourne, my dad turned 80 and the realisation that, not only is Christmas almost upon us, but we are also about to move into the 20’s – 2020.  How funny it is that things can stay the same for so long and then suddenly everything changes in an instant.

When I reflect back on the beginning of this year, Emma and I were looking at retail spaces and dreaming up what our own sewing store would look like. In fact, it was just over a year ago I was taking her through Melbourne to all my favourite fabric shops, drawing inspiration and willing this business into existence. And now we are here, and she is making me do things I never thought I could do! Insisting I have my photo taken and splashing it around on our website and on social media. Working with me to create videos for our upcoming crochet training series; this year I have done things I never thought I could I do. I have been pushed so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t even remember where it was or where it’s gone!

Lucky for me I have my stitching to retreat to. That’s where my sanctuary lies – between my hands as I feel the familiarity of the yarn, the clicking of the knitting needles or the rhythm of the crochet hook.

I take comfort knowing that you know exactly what I mean.