Changing times

It’s been a challenging time for us all as we navigate our way in and out of lockdowns, hot spots, putting masks on and taking them off not only here in Canberra but across the country. We’re getting used to new ways of doing things and new ways around things!

For those of you in our closed Stitch and Share Facebook group you’ll be seeing our stitchers take on new projects – Kerry’s daughter making her first quilt, Therese tackling the fun of making custom fit underwear and Toni putting the yarn down to do some free stitching. We love what you are sharing and so if you haven’t already, join our free closed group here.

While we can’t open the store we are adapting here too. If you’ve seen our social media posts, you’ll have noticed we’ve been putting some project kits together and giving you some ideas and inspiration. Some of you have called us and taken a virtual store tour so we can help you find that perfect piece of fabric or match your yarn. Others have called to order their favourite things and seen our delivery stool – our latest innovation!

We’re all stretching ourselves in ways we didn’t think we could! I am so pleased, and I’m sure you are too, that I have my sewing room to retreat to in the times when it all gets too much. There’s nothing quite like the whir of the sewing machine or the click of the needles to bring about a sense of peace in what feels like a crazy world right now.

Take care and happy stitching